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FAQs on Valco and Valco Coupons

What is Valco?

Valco company was founded by Henri Heikkinen (MSc computer science) and Jani Rajaniemi (Ph.D. administrative sciences). Their humble aim is to develop awesome products that they want to buy themselves and keep the prices at a level they can afford. Their first product was the innovatively named “Valco Wireless ANC headphones”, which are a pair of wireless ANC headphones. Their current model is called VMK20. Their VAT code is FI29196975 and our company is located in Tampere, Finland. Their Finnish website can be found at Valco. fi.

What does Valco sell?

Valco sells VMK20 Wireless ANC headphones, Nordell MK3 Speaker, and NL21 TWS Earbuds. They also sell Raimo Special Selection.

Valco Coupons

What makes VMK20 Wireless ANC headphones special?

What makes Valco ANC (Active Noise Control / Cancellation) headphones special, is how we combined the best available components, added a touch of Finnish design, and had Kesthouse, a famous Finnish mastering studio with over 20 years of experience to perfect the sound quality. And all this for half the price of similar brand headphones. We dare to say that Valco headphones offer you an unmatched bargain for your money along with a listening experience second to none in the wireless ANC headphones class. On top of everything, our headphones have been properly greenwashed. For every pair of headphones sold, we will plant a tree.

How does VMK20 Wireless ANC headphone differ from their competitors?

The really big difference is that if there is an issue with your headphones, you can email their CEO and tell him to go f*ck himself. With them, you won’t be calling an outsourced customer service representative.

What is Valco Nordell MK3?

Valco Nordell MK3 Bluetooth stereo player is a great Bluetooth speaker for work. It has a combination of everyone’s favorite materials – metal and silicone. In terms of appearance, feel, and sound quality, the device could easily cost more money. It’s not fussy or plastic and the sound quality can be described as “surprisingly great”.

Valco Coupons

What makes Valco Nordell MK3 special?

The very much water and dust resistant device withstand playing music in the rain or on a sunny, sandy beach. However, the first is more likely in Finland so it is more waterproof. It is a great companion for a sauna also. Although, if you are in Germany, the others in your favorite FKK might not like you playing ZDF Hitparade from the 1970s when they are enjoying the services.

What makes Valco Nordell MK3 differ from its competitors?

Nordell also has a handy loop from which the device can be attached even to a backpack or a noose. The large buttons are handy to use with gloves on, which is why this model is great for those who work on a construction site with your buttcrack showing. You can even buy two Nordells and combine them wirelessly to get more oomph and a better stereo experience. The Nordell also has a wonderful 3D sound effect, which can be enabled from the button labeled as a 3D button. It produces a unique aural experience.

What is an NL21 TWS Earbud?

The NL21 TWS Earbud is the best you could afford with the little money you have. The model is called Valco NL21, which is short for the Finnish word “nappiluurit” (It is also short for Neuvostoliitto, Soviet Union). Nappiluurit means button phones, and the 21 is the year of release (Even it is late December). The design work here comes from the Chinese engineers, but the sound is 100% Valco.

What makes NL21 TWS Earbud different from other products?

First of all, these aren’t the pinnacle of evolution, and they’re certainly not the last of our designs. They’re not perfect either. While these can be used as wireless hands-free devices for calls, we’re not 100% satisfied with the sound quality of the phone calls. It is “fair enough”. So if your main use for the headset is to make calls, then these are not your devices. The sound quality when listening to music is again where we have put our focus.

Valco Coupons

What is Raimo’s special selection?

In this collection, there are all kinds of random stuff that are not Valco products. This includes mostly t-shirts and hoodies, but might randomly include something else too. The product images for the clothes and mugs are generated by an evil AI. We will add actual photos at some point. Maybe. The print quality is really good actually, don’t be fooled by the product images.

How can I keep track of my order?

The orders are confirmed via email, which includes information about delivery, price, and taxes. To receive the email confirmation the client must provide a valid email address when making a purchase.

Does Valco hold responsible for errors caused by Shopify, Facebook, or any other third-party service provider?

Valco Ltd is not responsible for the mistakes and errors caused by Shopify, Facebook, or any other third-party service provider.

What are the methods of payment at Valco.oi?

They try to accept any legal tender, except Venezuelan Bolivars. They don’t trust their money. You can use at least the most common credit cards and Paypal to make a purchase.

What are your delivery methods and shipping fees?

They didn’t bother to calculate shipping fees for every f*cking country there is, so the prices are fixed and free within Europe. The products are shipped with USP or the best available alternative. Except in Bolivia, where they have a contract with Pablo, who delivers their packages with his faithful donkey Mañana.

Does Valco accept the return of items?

Yes. Just contact them via the contact page and they’ll solve your problems. That’s it.

What if I changed my mind, can I withdraw my order?

No worries, you can withdraw from a purchase at any time between the time of purchase and 14 days after receipt of the item. However, if the purchased items have been shipped before we receive your cancellation, you are responsible for the costs of return shipping. This is cruel, but at the moment we cannot afford it otherwise. Maybe at some point, we’ll change this policy.

What if the package arrived is not what I ordered?

They mainly sell one product, so this is rarely an issue. Of course, there is always the possibility that they get drunk and send pink dildos everywhere. Just contact them and they’ll solve the matter.

What if the item never arrived?

Well in that case they’ll check it out with the shipping company and solve the problem. If they can’t find the product for you, they will give you a full refund.

What if the items received had defects?

All their products have a full 12-month guarantee covering pretty much everything, except your f*ck ups. If you can prove that there was a defect existing right from the delivery, we’ll cover it for up to 24 months. With any problems, don’t hesitate to contact or email them at Valco.fi. Their address is Valco Ltd., Kirkkoahontie 365, 87910, Linnantaus, Finland.

Valco Coupon Codes And Promo Deals

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Valco Coupons

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Valco Coupons

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