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What makes VMAXTANKS so unique?

The heart of the VMAXTANKS is the unique physical and chemical structure of its plates. The special treatment and manufacturing process they undergo gains them unique reliability, strength, and high performance far exceeding those of other Pb-Ca plates used in similar-looking products. Using our specially designed Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) between the VMAX plates adds to it many physical and electrical advantages that make it superior to the Wet Lead Acid Batteries.


This also maximizes the VMAX resistance to shocks and vibrations. Since the electrolyte is totally absorbed by the AGM, the VMAX is classified as “non-spillable and non-hazardous”. A tough Tank seals and protects the tightly packed plates delivering the VMAX in a 100% maintenance-free package. Though VMAXTANKS are best known for their long life span, their capability to recover after repeated deep discharges is what makes them the favorite choice for any application.

Where are VMAX batteries made?

VMAX USA has facilities in the US, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Germany. The majority of our products are manufactured at our main facilities in the US and Vietnam.

Are VMax batteries good?

Definitely! VMAX AGM batteries are sealed, maintenance-free and safe for all indoor use. They are extremely heavy duty and have military-grade plates adding to their high-performance features. This helps a lot in various float or cyclic applications, they can even handle repeated discharges.

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How long will my batteries last?

VMAX batteries are designed to last for an average of 10 years in float mode. Underuse, the actual battery life span is calculated by the number and depth of cycles it undergoes. Based on the table shown above-under Cyclic Service Life- a battery subjected to a 50% discharge every day, could last about 3 years or 5-6 years if discharged every other day, If discharged by 25% daily, the battery could last 4 years and 7-8 years if discharged every other day. A daily discharge of 90%-100% discharge will drop the life of a battery to around 1 year.

Which battery is better, VMAXTANK battery AGM or gel?

VMAXTANK AGM batteries are arguably cheaper than Gel ones. Additionally, they provide a longer lifespan and can create big bursts of amps.

What is a VMAXTANKS AGM battery?

VMAXTANK AGM battery is a type of battery containing a special glass mat separator. This separator wicks the electrolyte solution between the battery plates. This design makes the fiberglass saturated with electrolytes.

What does it mean by VMAXTANKS recombination capabilities?

One of the amazing VMAXTANKS features that attract many customers is their 99% recombination capabilities. This means no gasses or dangerous fumes.

What is your warranty policy?

VMAXTANKS offers a 12-month warranty for all of the products purchased on their website. Click here for our warranty policy.

How do I store my VMAXTANK batteries?

Batteries must be stored clean and away from any moisture. The storage room must be dry, ventilated and kept at a temperature range of 10°F (-12°C) – 104°F (40°C) degrees. Storage at room temperature is MOST recommended. Fully recharge your batteries before storage. Though VMAX batteries can be stored for 6-9 months without a recharge, it is highly recommended to recharge your stored batteries at least once every 3 months, or once every 2 months if stored at over 85°F (30°C).

How do I commission my VMAXTANKS batteries?

Ensure that batteries are clean. Use a damp cloth to clean the battery surface. Dry surface after cleaning. The use of cleaning agents, solvents, petroleum, or any other products of the sort is not recommended and may cause damage to the battery surface. Fully recharge your batteries. Afloat charge of 48-96 hours at room temperature is highly recommended (13.5-13.7V for 12V or 6.69-6.81V for 6V batteries). Or you can fast charge your batteries (14.5-14.9V for 12V or 6.9-7.05V for 6V batteries) for 12-24 hours. Check battery voltage with no load. It should be above 12.9V for 12V or 6.45V for 6V batteries. Connect batteries to load. Check the tightening of connections.

How do I care for my VMAXTANKS?

Never short-circuit your VMAXTANKS. Store in a cool and dry location. Avoid locations where freezing or high temperature (above 85F) is expected. Do not fully discharge your VMAXTANKS before recharging. Completely charge your VMAXTANKS before storing and before reactivating. Charge your VMAXTANKS after each period of use. Do not overcharge your VMAXTANKS.

What kind of charger is best for my VMAXTANKS?

For the VMAXTANKS charger, a 14.5V Constant Voltage Three Stage AGM battery charger must be used to charge VMAXT batteries. These chargers – AKA: Smart, Automatic, Microprocessor Controlled, IEI- have three charging stages that change as the VMAX charge increases. It switches from Bulk to Acceptance to Float. Please click on the “Description” tab of any battery to get charger ratings for that battery.


What is the recommended current rating of the charger?

Generally speaking, the recommended current rating of the charger should be 10-15% of the 20 AH rating of the VMAX in use. It will take a 10% rated charger a period of 10 hours to fully charge a fully discharged VMAX. Changing any of the variables can be prorated accordingly – so increasing the charger rating by 10% will lower charging time by 10% and so on.

In the case of an urgent need for a fully charged VMAX, chargers with higher rating options can be used provided that the VMAX voltage is continuously monitored and the charger’s rating is never above 30% of the 20 AH of the VMAX. Charge at that maximum rate for up to 1 hour and then change the setting to resume charging at the 10% rate. For Float Charging, recommended Voltage is 13.5-13.7V for 12V or 6.7-6.85V for 6V batteries. Please check our Float Charge Voltage vs Temperature chart.

What causes the expansion of the plates?

The expansion of the plates is a result of internal heat caused by either overcharging the battery or from a drastic shorting of its terminals. Either one of these situations will generate internal heat in the battery. And since lead has a high expansion rate when exposed to heat, the expansion pressure will cause the case to swell and cause battery damage. Overcharging of the battery can be the result of using a charger that is delivering the wrong Voltage or Current to the battery. Regardless of the cause, the result is almost always the same; swelling and the destruction of the battery.

What are the things to consider for safety and to avoid this problem?

It is very important to ask the following questions:

  • Is the charger designed to be used with my battery (AGM, WET, GEL, LITH…)?
  • Does the charging voltage fall within the range specified for my battery?
  • Does the maximum current of the charger fall within the charging range of my battery?
  • Do I have the right polarity connection between the battery and charger?
  • Are the battery terminals prevented from possible shorting at all times?

How should I recycle my batteries?

Return battery to any battery dealer, automotive service station, or other authorized collection center for recycling. A 5% credit will be issued towards the purchase of a new VMAXTANK when returned to a VMAX retailer.

How can I view the status of my order?

Go to “My Account”. This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view. If you have any further questions, please check our Contact Us page for further instructions.

What are your shipping costs?

Orders shipped within the 48 STATES will be shipped freight prepaid. Click here for our Shipping Policy.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Free shipping applies only to the 48 states within the United States. Shipping anywhere else is subject to additional shipping fees. Please check with your local authorities regarding any duties, taxes, and other fees. All international shipping is subject to VMAX approval.


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Vmaxtanks always put consumer safety first, so it brings the safest Vmaxtanks batteries for the customers. VMAX batteries are not dangerous, do not overflow, and require no maintenance; no toxic fumes or leaks, just pure clean energy. In addition, Vmaxtanks also offers Maintenance Free operations.

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