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Our residential process combines multiple disciplines in a rich composition of functional, thoroughly connected spaces designed to unite the experience of indoors and out.


Our commercial design services create better user experiences through clear and compelling environmental function in commercial developments Commercial


Brief Description:

Galua Plus is an architectural firm established in 1998.  It is dedicated to providing a diversified range of services from space planning and design, to project development and management. It also offers consultancy services not only for architectural design but as well as for sustainable development. 

The firm comprises a comprehensive range of expertise.  Members of the consulting team have professional qualification as architects and experts in Sustainable Development projects that fit what is required to deliver an excellent and quality service

Our Approach

Our innovative design solutions for different projects stem from a highly investigative design process with an integration of sustainable development approach as it goes with the trend of green architecture. 

Our Commitment

The firm has proven its ability to handle different degrees of complexity with its involvement in numerous types of establishments- government offices, colleges, universities, commercial establishments, residential buildings, plus a number of municipal & city master development plans and physical planning. In its years of keen service, the firm has been steadfast in delivering excellent service to its clients, and it remains consistent as it continues to operate in the field of architecture

Architect Rey Galua
Sustainable Architecture

The interior of a sustainable residential building in an urban setting, Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines.

Architect Rey Galua
Galua Plus Design Team

From left Arch. Rebo Caballero, Arch. Cheryl Magadan, Arch. Rey Galua (the principal architect), Arch Sheer Alboro, and Arch. Walmer Tacorda.

Architect Rey Galua

Rey D. Galua, FPIA

Early life and education:
Rey Diegas Galua was born in 1974 in Kitcharao, a small town of northern Mindanao, south of Philippines. He was the fifth child of Hilario and Geonita Galua.

Galua attended his elementary in San Roque Elementary School, at San Roque, Kitcharao Agusan del Norte, Philippines. He attended his High School in Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy, Kitcharao Agusan del Norte, Philippines, and graduated with honors and gold medalist, excellent in mathematics award.

In 1992, Galua began his study in Architecture at the Cagayan de Oro College, College of Engineering and Architecture in Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines, and graduated in 1997. He took his apprenticeship from 1996 to 1997.
In 1998, Galua took and passed the board exam in Architecture given by the professional regulation commission.
In 2004, Galua attended his master’s studies in Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan city, master in sustainable development studies major in rural and urban planning, He continue his doctoral degree in the same school and graduated doctor in sustainable development studies, major in rural and urban planning in 2011.
In 1998, Architect Rey Galua started his practice of his profession. He established his office rdGalua Associates Architectural firm in Cagayan de Oro city. While on practice, he joins the faculty of Engineering and Architecture in Mindanao University of Science and Technology, School of Architecture. He became the department of head of Architecture,. He designs the significant buildings of the university, like; Engineering complex building, Science Complex building, ICT building, Gymnasium, Education complex building, and Administration building. He also master plan the  300 hectares new main campus of the same university at Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

Galua gain a reputation when he design several government and private offices in the Philippines; like DENR LMS office in Cagayan de Oro City, BIR office in Butuan city, Municipal Hall building Claveria, Misamis Oriental, and PAG ASA Weather Station office at alubijid misamis oriental. He also designed the Madonna & Child Hospital in Cagayan de Oro city, and the Buenavista Community Hospital Buenavista Agusan del Norte.

In 2017, Galua leaved his teaching job in the university as he moved his residency to his new house in his home town in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte for the plan to serve his constituency and subsequent filling of candidacy for municipal mayoral race in 2019 election.

In 2020, Galua change the name of his firm to GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio.
Galua believes that attracting young talent is essential, and is proud that the average age of people working for GALUA PLUS is 28.
Personal life:

Architect Rey Galua was married to his wife Jade Galope in 1999, and was blessed with four children, namely; Rey Moises, Erica Jade, Rey Julius, and Angelina Jade. They lived in their home in Golf Estate Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines.

In 2006, Architect Rey Galua was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease that cause for his fatal heart stroke in 2011. In 2012 he had undergone an open heart surgery for the replacement of his heart valve at Asian Hospital and Medical Center with his Doctor the famous Filipino heart surgeon Dr. Jorge Garcia.

In 2017, Architect Rey Galua was awarded with the medal of Fellowship of Philippine Institute of Architects.

Published paper to International Journal:
“An Assessment of Sustainability of a Green Residential Building in an Urban Setting:
            Focus in Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro City.”
            Authors: GALUA, REY D.; TOBIAS, E. G.
            Journal: AES Bioflux 2015 Vol. 7 No. 1 pp.60-69
            ISSN: 2066-7620
            URL: http://www.aes.bioflux.comro/docs/2015.60-69.pdf
            Record Number: 20153165018


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