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What is HaasOnline Coupon?

HaasOnline Coupon

Beginning around 2014, HaasOnline Coupon has democratized high-recurrence exchanging on the most notable advanced resource stages by utilizing reconciliations through APIs. HaasOnline Coupon is the driving force behind the future of automated crypto trading. They create crypto trading technologies, products, and standards that are widely used throughout the industry. HaasOnline Coupon items and innovation are basic enough for any dealer to utilize, yet hearty enough to drive a portion of the world’s most progressive mechanized exchanging calculations.
By making robotized exchanging an important piece of each crypto merchant’s tool stash, HaasOnline is empowering pioneers in fintech — from cryptographic money specialists to arising institutional pioneers — to make quick computerized exchanging systems.

What is their mission?

HaasOnline Coupon seeks to create and maintain advanced automated trading technologies. They are striving to grow their company with the same honesty and integrity. Use to craft their products while giving back to their community.

Who are behind HaasOnline?

Stephan de Haas
Chief Executive Officer
CEO and captain of this ship is Stephan de Haas. His background in software engineering gave Stephan the skills and experience to bring an idea to life. As a bitcoin advocate, Stephan saw a demand for crypto trading and answered back with HaasOnline Coupon.

Quintus de Haas
Chief Technology Officer
Quintus is our CTO and ship’s navigator. He supports the infrastructure that keeps this boat headed in the right direction. It is his vision and guidance that pushes us toward success.

Josh Becker
Chief System Operations
University of Cincinnati computer science graduate Josh Becker has a background in marketing as well as software engineering. This experience enables him to bring a unique perspective to our leadership team that is unparalleled.

Rustim Rhoda
Research & Development
Rustim leads the R&D team that creates the amazing tools found in the HaasOnline Trade Server. His hard work and long hours have helped bring HaasOnline Coupon to where we are today.

Raynaldo Rivera
Chief Communications Officer
Raynaldo comes to HaasOnline Coupon with a background in InfoSec where he managed teams of security experts for fortune 500 companies. Our main man for getting things done, Raynaldo is the engine that pushes us forward.

Jeff Vernon
Chief Marketing Officer
As our in-house marketing guru, Jeff ensures all of our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. His every effort is directed toward ensuring the highest quality product reaches our customers.

What are HaasOnline Coupon core values?

HaasOnline Coupon

Focus on the Customer and spend time to understand their customer and solve problems from their perspective.
Investing in Others- they believe that releasing customer potential is critical.
Taking Ownership- they think about the long term and spend money sensibly. Owners must understand a business and agonize over the small things.
Be fearless and driven to build a meaningful and impactful crypto fintech company.
Always act in an honest, direct, and transparent way and positively uplifts the entire crypto-ecosystem.

I have a friend who is a pro trader. I want to know how I can get him an trading access to my Binance account and make him able to trade for me or a group of people?

The Haasonline Coupon Trade Server (HTS) only allows for one user account to be set up on the platform. It can, however, manage multiple API keys from the same exchange. The number of API keys able to be connected depends on the number of trades and orders being done per market. Based on our internal testing, we have found that Binance does not allow for more than 5 API keys to be connected to the same IP address (host machine). Some other users have managed to connect more than that, though.

So, what you can do is:

Setup an HTS installation
Give your friend access to the account you set up on the platform
Connect the API key(s) you want the person to trade
Have your friend create the bots that you’d like to use or whichever suits their strategy
Periodically check and perform maintenance on the server hosting HTS

How do I upgrade to pro?Ive bought beginner and need it to connect to kraken account?

You can upgrade your license by following this guide. The Haasonline Coupon Trade Server (HTS) allows you to use all of our supported exchanges without needing to upgrade to a different tier. You can read up on the limitations of each licensing tier.

If I have successfully created and hosted my trading bot, Will I be able to make it available for people to use?

No, HaasOnline Coupon TradeServer is not intended for white labeling as there’s no user permission support. There may be methods to accomplish this by using the Local API, however there’s no official support. Each HTS instance requires a separate license, otherwise will be deactivated.

What is the best approach to preserve profits?

This can be done with our latest version of HaasScript’s functions, Unmanaged Trading. However, it will quickly become a complex script once you consider the conditions to close the remaining 25% of the profit that you have made. Another recommendation is that you join our Discord and get feedback from knowledgeable community members as well as HaasScript developers.

What is the order confirmation procedure?

The order confirmation procedure exists out of 3 big parts. The first is the so-called native order tracking. This system works by checking the order identification number in the open order list. The is a proven method of order tracking.

The second method is analyzing the open order book, this system only works if limit orders are used. By reading the orderbook we can trace the buy or sell price and find the related order.

The last method is our last safety at the same time. Each trade bot checks the wallet to see if there are enough coins to trade. If the coins are not present then trading is blocked. Most of the time this system can trace open orders, but this method depends on the number of coins inside the wallet so it is not a reliable method for order tracking.

As of the last check, there is an order engine check. The order engine runs separate from the trade bots and it is designed to do the last and final check before an order is sent to the exchange. This method is also based on the wallet, so it analyses the wallet contents and if there are enough coins then it will execute the order via API. If not then the order engine can block the order.

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