Termite Control: Let Us Help Protect Your Home

There are many methods of termite control. But how can you protect your home if you don’t know any signs of termites in your area? If visible, what will you do? 

As we all know, pest infestations are common in Australia, and one of the most known pests in our area are termites. Termites are silent workers, and their evidence is usually seen when there’s already huge damage to our property. Still, many homeowners think that they are not much of a threat.

Treating termites are far more difficult than preventing them. And once you have them, you can guarantee the damage has already been done.

What are the signs of termites in your home?

Termite infestation leaves some indication such as:

  • Termites build mud shelter tubes, which can be seen in architraves or brick foundations. This serves as their protection.
  • Timber with the hollow sound
  • Doors and floors that sag
  • Cracked plaster or paint
  • Power failures – the warmth of electrical fittings attracts termites

Are termites harmful to humans?

Aside from their homes’ damage, we asked another common question if termites are harmful to our health. On their own, termites do not pose a direct impact on humans or even pets. Termites are not known to carry harmful diseases. They do sting but rarely. But when they do, it causes extreme pain, itching and swelling. In some cases, people who live in termites infected houses suffer from allergies or asthma attack. 

Once termites invaded an area, it is difficult to exterminate them. It is best to contact our professional technicians and book an annual inspection to prevent harmful effects.

Do you need a termite inspection?

The simple answer is YES. This should be factored into your annual maintenance on your property. Connect with the best termite control in your area. This way, if termites are found, we, A1 Pest Control Canberra, can treat them when found early enough before they do damage.
On your property, if you have old sleepers for edging, a property that backs onto reserve or has trees that you have cut down and left the stump exposed.

You are tempting fate, left unchecked and undisturbed; you may as well put a flashing light at the front of your property to welcome termites!

It makes sense to have an annual inspection when you look at the amount already invested in a property. Add that to the fact that insurance does not cover termite damage. Always put aside funds for property maintenance to ensure that it does not fall around you.

If you see termites, can you do termite control yourself?

termite control

Termites can enter your home anytime. And if you do find them on your property, first, do not panic. Dealing with termites requires a step-by-step process.

  1. Please do not disturb them when you find their location because they tend to dig deeper into the ground and harder to find. And the worse case is that they move to another location within your property.
  2. Have a termite inspection. You may have found one termite colony, but they could also be in other spots in the yard or inside the house. Call the best Termite Control in Canberra, and we will do a thorough inspection of your property.
  3. Apply treatment for the infestation. We kill the termites by using our quality products that are not harmful to humans and pets.
  4. Install a termite barrier. We highly recommend the BASF Termidor chemical termite barrier. Why? It’s the only treatment with an 8-year $2M warranty of the termites NOT coming back!

Apply now the saying that prevention is always better than cure. Calling A1 Pest Control Canberra on our hotline 0407 065 413 will not cost you a lot of money, but it could save you big dollars in the long run.