Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Reviews- Scam or Legit?

Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Reviews- Scam or Legit?

Are you an aspiring businessman who wants to build a business on Amazon? Have you heard about Sophie Howard, also known as the Amazon Selling Queen?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is one of those hard to find businesses that is still invasive even during Covid 19. This makes so many aspiring entrepreneurs to look into this global marketplace to try their hands in doing business.

 Blue Sky Amazon Reviews

To become a successful intraprenuer with Amazon FBA, you will need a blueprint that’s been shows to work easy to replicate.

One of the most in demand Amazon FBA courses today is Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Course.

But you might ask yourself, “Who is Sophie Howard? “What If she’s a scam?” Is the Blue Sky Amazon course worthy?

I’m not a member of Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon course, so you can assure that this review is authentic.

Who is Sophie Howard, also known as “The Amazon Selling Queen”?

Sophie Howard is a Successful Amazon seller and online business coach.
Sophie helps entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. She has sold two Amazon businesses, one for successful USD and currently building her third global brand.

Sophie Howard created the Amazon Blue Sky Training Program as online training to help online sellers source profitable products, follow a step-by-step process, and get up and selling fast on Amazon.

 Blue Sky Amazon Reviews

Sophie Howard teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing, and making sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable, and sellable. Sophie Howard lives in Wanaka, New Zealand, and has two young children.

Sophie started her FBA business in 2014 while working part-time from home. This happened at a time when she was nursing a newborn baby. She realized it wasn’t going to be easy for her to handle both effectively. So, she hired a team of efficient virtual assistants.

Within 18 months, she had succeeded in establishing a 7-figure eCommerce business on Amazon specializing mostly in tea products.
In 2016, she wrote a book titled Amazon Jetstream Income. The book features her selling experiences and promises to help you get started on Amazon. But to be honest, the book doesn’t provide enough meaningful information to help beginners. What you see is an extended sales pitch.

 Blue Sky Amazon Reviews

Sophie has been featured on a variety of podcasts since 2017. Her podcast with Augustus Kligys, the creator of Orange Klick was particularly insightful. It provided a lot of helpful advice to aspiring Amazon sellers.

Today, Sophie is known as “The Amazon Selling Queen” and creator of the brand “Aspiring Entrepreneurs”.

What is Sophie’s Course all about? What does it offer?

Sophie Howard named the course Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy which is made up of two courses. what does it offer?

Sophie promises to:

Help you and other entrepreneurs find profitable products aid in building premium brands and sell their online businesses

Provide a step by step process to follow in selling fast on Amazon

Offer done-for-you services so you get results quicker

Amazon FBA is a business style that allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products without stocking the items themselves.

An Overview of Sophie Howard’s Product University Course

It includes 14 modules of teaching that cover the entire Amazon FBA business model. The main focus is helping the mid-level seller create long-selling products and scale with the virtual assistants, sales funnels and other online services e.g. Feedback Genius.

I don’t mean that an entry-level seller can’t learn from Sophie’s courses. But if you already have an idea of how the Amazon FBA model works, you will benefit most.

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Module 1 – Foundation
Video Duration: 5 hours, 37 minutes and 50 seconds

This module is a foundation for the course. It is broken down into four sessions and covers introductory concepts.

Module 2 – Product Selection Strategy
Video Duration: 5 hours, 16 minutes & 41 seconds

Sophie Howard’s business strategy is quite different from other Amazon FBA coaches in that she discourages you from selling the popular products. She thinks that a high minimum order quantity can be your unfair advantage over other sellers as it creates a much higher entry barrier. This can reduce the number of competitors.

Module 3 – Basic of Sales Funnels
Video Duration: 5 hours, 24 minutes & 19 seconds

This module is divided into four sessions. To start with, Sophie will give you a walkthrough of sales funnels and their components including ads, lead magnets, etc.

Module 4 – Who will you hire to be your Virtual Assistant?
Video Duration: Time: 4 hours, 28 minutes & 20 seconds

This module is broken down into 3 sessions with a focus on how and where to hire the best virtual assistants (VAs). Sophie tells you how she successfully outsourced tasks to VAs and the hurdles she bumped into.

Module 5 – Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon
Video Duration: 5 hours, 16 minutes & 41 seconds

In this module, Sophie tells you how she began her business journey on Amazon and both the pros and cons of Amazon FBA.

Module 6 – Forgotten Product Sourcing Places
Video Duration: 42 minutes & 8 seconds

This module covers 8 different ways to discover unique product sources, including
Amazon Catalogue Technique, Amazon Scroll and Search Technique, Browsing the Local Classifieds, Visiting Markets and Bazaars, etc.

In the end, Sophie tells you a personal story about how she combines business with travelling to create unique product ideas. This gives me a feeling of romantic entrepreneurship. Continue Reading

So are you interested to join Blue Sky Amazon Course?

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