Interview with Sophie Howard On Blue Sky Amazon Seller

Interview with Sophie Howard On Blue Sky Amazon Seller
Interview with Sophie Howard On Blue Sky Amazon Seller

Hi, I’m Erin, I am here with Sophie Howard to talk about selling on Blue Sky Amazon, Thank you, Sophie, for joining us!

-Thanks, Erin, I love talking to people about Blue Sky Amazon, so I’m really excited to have this opportunity, Thank you. So let’s get into it.

How did you get started selling on Blue Sky Amazon?

Well it was about six years ago and I was working really hard in a government day job and a toddler at home and it was all just a bit much.

I was super busy, pretty tired, pretty frazzled, not enough sleep, lots of pressure in the day job, and it was just pretty hard work. There was not enough downtime and a swell as that we weren’t making enough progress financially despite working really hard.

We had the mortgage to pay and it just felt like something had to change, it had been bugging me for a while that my lifestyle I dreamed of was not actually what it actually looked like.

So one day I was at work just doing my thing at my cubicle. Typing away and the lovely nanny who looked after the children sent me a text message.

She was down at the beach and she sent this lovely photo and they’re all having a great old time in the sun and I was there in my gray cubicle, in my suit, typing on a spreadsheet.

So looking back on it now I can still remember how vivid that flash was that something has to change like I need to find a way to get out of here, get down to that beach and spend the time with my children rather than working really hard for someone else all through those special years when the children are so young.

So I dug around a bit, I looked at lots of options for things you can run online and living in New Zealand, it’s a tiny market here you know, so I felt it had to be online, it couldn’t just be a hobby business and a little bit of money in the future.

If I were starting something it had to work it had to work in a big enough way to replace a good salary. So I looked at various things some of them looked a bit tacky or just things that wouldn’t really suit me.

Some of them looked like they might take a long time, Some of them looked like they might take along a time to make money, like starting a blog or something that was a bit uncertain.

Some of it just looked really complicated, like options trading or more of those more financial things Four x stuff looked a bit unlike me as well. But when I came across Blue Sky Amazon I really liked that you’re selling real products to real people.

You can choose what to sell, so you’ve got a bit of a chance to you know, create your own real business. You’re not just doing something on somebody else’s platform beyond your control like crypto or something.

So I mean all those other models are great for other people, but when I looked at what I wanted it was kind of relatively passive income, accessing big groups of customers without me having to do all the marketing myself.

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