Increasing Pest Population In Canberra: Why Should Bother?

The increasing pest population is alarming nationwide in Australia & should be bothered by the “plague of mice” infesting the crops in rural east areas and home. The locals turned to intensive baiting programmes, but there is no success.

The heat of summer and the hefty rainfalls could contribute to this increase. That is, climate change is one factor driving the spread of pests. In addition, according to experts, temperature and precipitation are the significant drivers of shifts in how and where pests and diseases spread. It can affect the population size, survival rate, geographical distribution of problems, and the intensity, development, and geographical distribution of diseases.

Common pests such as:

  • Cockroaches,
  • Mosquitoes,
  • Ants,
  • Spiders,
  • Rodents and
  • Termites — are associated with a damp and moist environment. It is their ideal season to breed.

But getting your regular pest control services can help manage the pest numbers, so you avoid the damage caused by pest infestations.

Our Next To Worry: The Increasing Pest Population – Bush Rats and Possums

Increasing pest population means danger to humane kind. Two pests are hard to control and can bring trouble and risk to your home. These are:

  1. Bush Rats or Australian Bush Rat
  2. Possums

They have tendencies to chew electrical wiring, which can cause fire threat and, thus, expensive repairs.

Both also enjoy eating a wide range of food materials, and they are more than happy to live around properties that provide them with warm shelter, a nesting place and a source of food.

Are they Dangerous?  Yes, they carry some diseases passed to humans through skin-to-fur contact or contact with their faeces. They also bring mites, ticks and other parasites, and bacterial infections such as ulcers.

The increasing pest population like Bush rats and rodents are unwanted guests that cause physical property damage and bring various diseases that can harm our family. Their breeding capacity is undeniably fast. So, the pests numbers can quickly get out of control.

If you see early signs of infestation, take immediate action by contacting your local pest control service provider. Call A1 Pest Control Canberra at 0407 065 413.

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