How to Manage a Rodent Problem in your Home

Do you know how to manage a rodent problem in your area or at home?

You do a lot to take care of your home in order. It takes time, effort and consideration to detail, and the last thing you want is a pest problem to spur all your hard work. This is according to our source.

Finding a rat — or worse, multiple rats — in your living space is enough to make a bad day a good day, and worst of all, it’s rarely an issue that can be resolved overnight.

A single rodent sighting usually means more is waiting in the wings, and an attack of rats or mice requires quick action. Keep in mind the New Orleans rodent control tips you should think of yourself in this unpleasant state.

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Rodent Problem: Its Risks

While some may choose to keep them as pets, it goes without saying that most would prefer not to see rodents running free throughout their homes. There are many good reasons to feel an aversion, as even a single rat or mouse can cause severe property damage. They’re also potential carriers of dangerous diseases, including several that are known to occur commonly in the United States:

  • Leptospirosis: A bacterial affliction that threatens major organs and respiratory health in both people and animals.
  • Rat-bite fever: The strain streptobacillus moniliformis occurs in the U.S. and typically causes a rash and madness and may lead to more severe conditions.
  • Hantavirus: Frequently causes serious illness, breathing problems and can even lead to death.

Bear in mind that these troublesome critters can also become a source of severe property destruction. Mice and other small animals are often equipped with mighty incisors perfect for chewing through building materials, which is especially problematic should they come across electrical wiring. Compromised wires can spark fires with little or no warning, heightening the need for a quick resolution to an infestation.

Prevention First

Whether you have yet to spot animal invaders or you’ve recently rid your home of them, a good prevention strategy is essential to maintaining order. Keeping pests out is always preferable to removal after the fact, so consider these recommendations for better peace of mind:

  • Cleanliness counts. Keeping your living space clean isn’t enough to prevent pest problems all on its own, but it’s always a good first step. That’s because rats and mice are like any other creature—they’re out in search of food, and when crumbs are plentiful, they know they’ve got a viable source of nourishment somewhere nearby.
  • Don’t skip out on yard duty. Rodents make their way into your home from outside, so it’s prudent to limit possible nesting spots around your residence. Get rid of yard waste, junk and other debris to discourage rodents—not to mention insects and other potential intruders.
  • Secure the perimeter. After clearing the surrounding areas, it’s time to plug up any gaps. A mouse needs a hole no larger than a ballpoint pen to gain entry into your home, and just one rodent is capable of opening the proverbial floodgates. Be sure to close off all vulnerabilities, including any cracks, vents and open areas around pipes.

Removal Methods

Even the best-laid plans often come to naught, which means it can become necessary to remove rats or mice that I have already gained access to your home. There are several options available to you, depending on how personally involved you want to get:

  • Set traps
  • Let the food chain function naturally. 
  • Call in the professionals. Read More

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