Ask the Expert – Rodent control

Ask the Expert – Rodent control. Rodents are considered one of the most successful mammals due to their close association with humans and are now believed to outnumber them. They are fantastic for a host of physiological, toxicological, behavioral, and other scientific research uses.

Ask the Expert - Rodent control

Share Ecologically, they are an important resource, eating billions of pest insects and in turn providing food for numerous reptilian and avian animals. However, rodents also compete for our food resources and pose considerable health risks. Food losses are massive both from direct consumption and contamination with droppings and urination.

Ask the Expert – Rodent control

Rodents destroy infrastructure by gnawing and damage everything from structures and wiring to data cables – even passenger jets have been grounded by rodents.

They are one of the most significant pests we face daily. Establishing procedures for dealing with rodents is critical to getting results that are acceptable to both clients and your business.

Pest control operators must ensure that programs do not impact off-target wildlife but remain completely effective in rodent management. Keep skills current in order to constantly improve services and ensure that the best possible outcome is delivered.

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