A Must to Be Proud Of! The Beautiful MUST’s Gymnasium by: Dr. Rey D. Galua

Dr. Rey D. Galua who designed the 8-storey engineering complex. It is a structure equipped for indoor sports and designed to hold a large number of people for any kinds of huge gathering. That purpose still holds true up to this point and it even gets more important especially in the case of schools or universities. Gymnasium is one of the important support facilities of institutions because almost all school related activities and gatherings have massive need for large and spacious area. Mindanao University of Science and Technology itself had a gym before, and believe it or not, it accommodated large local and national events like the PBA game.

Dr. Rey D. Galua

Students were able to make use of it until its destruction six years ago triggered by a fire.
The sudden tragedy of the unique MUST gymnasium gave way for its reinvention. The university’s administration may have thought of its essence and importance for the students and the community in general, that was why they quickly responded to the idea of re-constructing it.

Dr. Rey D. Galua

MUST’s Gymnasium by: Dr. Rey D. Galua

It took a while before they finally started the construction, and now after a swift one year, the mighty MUST gymnasium rose again, gaining much attention from the entire community.
It was well designed by the well known architect, Dr. Rey D. Galua, and crafted by the PLD construction.
Renovation is an understatement because modern materials and way of construction was employed; where in the whole old and destructed structure was wrapped and covered with cladding, an astonishing architecture made bolder by its blue and white color combination which makes it the most modern gymnasium in the city.
Its details would give justice to the reputation it now reaps from the community. As you enter the gym, you are welcomed at the lobby where low ceiling is incorporated to contrast the gym’s interior high ceiling to achieve the illusion of huge space.

Dr. Rey D. Galua

Above the lobby are some of the university ofces such as planning ofce, procurement, human resource, and general services.
It is also comfort rooms, dug-out with showers for the players, assembly area for the performers, dressing rooms, control room, and spaces for indoor sports below the bleachers.
Catwalks, exposed trusses, and space frames which serve as proscenium wall were exceptionally designed to spice up more the architectural elements on its interior.
It is further accentuated by the porter basketball back board, center-hung electronic score board, remote controlled LCD screen and 3-layer curtain for cultural shows in case of changing backdrops.
Excellent architectural lightings such as moving heads, par cans, and spotlights, were also engrafted
Indeed no one can stop the architectural prowess of this new structure in the university.
High standard materials were used for the exceptional rise of the new gymnasium.

Foam type thermal insulation was installed below the roof that serves a as heat insulation on one hand and an acoustical material on the other hand.
The passive cooling system was introduced to achieve energy efciency.
Grade “A“ maple oor system was used similar to SM Mall of Asia Arena, and Madison Square Garden at New York, and other NBA courts at US.
Excellent modern architecture fueled by modern materials and technology are the prime reasons why there are still so much to tell about this development in the university.
This structure which stands proud at the heart of the campus gives the true definition of MUST and provides the most lenient and exact answer to the frequently asked question: Why are they the center of engineering and architecture?
But behold because that does not stop there. The 8-storey engineering complex designed once again by Dr. Rey D. Galua is yet to make its mark in the city!

Source: Ask2use.com

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