Mangosteen Xanthone with L-Carnitine and CoQ10

1. MX3 PLUS capsule is a Premium Dietary Food Supplement rich in Alpha, Beta, and Gamma nutrients, as researched by NutraSource of Canada. This all-natural health product is FDA approved and has received numerous awards both locally and internationally, for its positive and beneficial effects on health.

2. These ingredients are extracted from the pericarp or outside skin of the mangosteen fruit, scientifically known as Garcinia mangostana. MX3 has been given a certificate of safety and efficacy and will not cause harm to any internal organs as it does not contain any chemicals or additives.

3. MX3 Plus capsule is our “upgraded & new improved version” of MX3 Plain capsule due to the addition of other well researched nutritional ingredients, Coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine.

4. Research has shown that both Alpha and Beta-mangostin help increase energy and fight stress-related illnesses.

5. Research has also shown that Gamma-mangostin is one of the most potent immune system boosters because of its high ORAC value. Clinical studies done shows it has anti-inflammatory properties by helping lower down prostaglandin. It also helps prevent the development of blood clots in the circulation thereby reducing chances for stroke and heart attacks.

6. Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) is another nutrient that helps protect the cells of the body from free radicals and also helps strengthen the heart muscle fibers.

7. L-carnitine is a protein that helps convert body fats into energy and improve metabolic functions.

As a medical doctor practicing Wellness & Integrative Medicine for more than 25 years, I would recommend to everyone, young and old alike, to try MX3 Plus once to twice daily now and feel the difference! For more information, you may text us at 09188888693 or go to www.mx3.ph/shop.  God bless dear followers!