Mary Kay® Eye Liner

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This serum is separated into four vials, with the contents of each said to last one week. After four weeks, you’re supposed to see amazing results. On seeing the ingredient list, we were disappointed. Not only does the formula contain more alcohol and film-forming agent than a superstar, beneficial anti-aging ingredients, but also it doesn’t list a single form of vitamin C. We called the company to inquire about this, and they reported that the vitamin C is coming from the Myrciaria dubia and Terminalia ferdinandiana fruit extracts. The former is said to have the highest potency of vitamin C, which is an impressive claim. As it turns out, Myrciaria dubia (also known as camu-camu) is a potent source of vitamin C, although the amount in this serum is proportionately low, so it comes down to a “who cares?” ingredient, at least in the manner Mary Kay chose to include it. (Why not just use vitamin C itself in a potent stable form rather than deliver it through a plant?) Despite the medicinal vials of serum and collagen-protecting claims, this isn’t a serum to get even mildly excited about. Lots of companies offer products with vitamin C along with other beneficial ingredients and no irritants.

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