Blue Smart Button

Blue Smart Button

All the power of a Blue Smart Card in the size of a button. Stick to any hard surface.


Instantly Share Your Information

Simply stick the world’s smartest button to the back of your phone.

Then tap it on another person’s smartphone so they can instantly add your profile to their contacts. Best part is they don’t need to download the app!

Leave a lasting impression and make a lasting connection with the latest technology.

Customize Your Profile

Easily customize your Blue profile with information that you want to share. You can include your profile picture, contact details, social media profiles, web pages, music lists and so much more!

Choose a design that best suits your style or brand

The Blue Smart Button comes in a variety of designs to suit your style. Choose one that best suits your brand.SEE AVAILABLE DESIGNS NOW

Get the Blue Smart Button working for you in three easy steps!

1. Create your virtual identity

Download the Blue Social App from the App Store or Google Play. Then open Blue Social App to start setting up your virtual identity.

The App gets you to personalize your profile with your photo, name, and social networks. Networks includes Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok, and so much more that YOU want to share. 

Can’t see a social network in our extensive list that you’d like to see? Let us know through customer support at 

2. Activate your button (one-time only)

Blue’s technology enables you to link your digital presence to a simple smart device. 

After creating your profile, Blue Social App directs you to activate your SMART device by scanning it against your NFC reader. This is on the back of your phone. 

Remember that you can edit your information in Blue Social App at any time. It will then update your Blue Smart Button automatically in real-time.gets

3. Just Stick it!

Now that your Blue Smart Button is activated and ready to use, peel the back off and Just Stick It to fashionably accessorize your portable items.

Making Friends or New Contacts Just Got Easier

When networking in person, simply tap your button on a friend’s or contact’s smartphone to safely share your digital details. Your data is safely guarded with the latest encryption technology. It’s safer to to tap than exchange a traditional business card.

Remember that you can copy and paste your smart button link to any social platform bios. Easily, simply and safely with a tap. 

You can include Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, Twitter Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, Apple Music, Website, Custom Link, Email Address, Phone Number, and more coming soon…List of Compatible Smartphones


Unlimited Taps

The Blue Smart Button will last up to 100,000 taps

User Encryption

Only authorized parties can access your data

Revolutionary Tech

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Different Designs

Choose from a range of different designs

Simply Connecting On-The-Go

Join the Blue Community- Networking Mode

The Blue Smart Button works with our Blue Social App to merge your physical and digital world into one. 

From within Blue Social App, you can make your virtual identity available to others on the Blue Network. When you’re within 150 feet of them physically, our app will let you know. You can che k out their profile and get Blue to introduce you.

The Blue Social App connects with Blue Smart Devices and Beacon Technology using Auto-Networking™ Technology and Bluetooth Low-energy. This won’t drain your battery like other apps that use GPS technology. 

We’ve designed our proprietary technology to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing your socializing capabilities in real-life.

Perfect to socialize everywhere you go!LEARN MORE